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Well being, energy, strength and flexibility; that is classical Pilates – a full body motion system.

The fast paced world around us is creating an ever increasing demand on our every day lives and the number of people suffering from stress, headaches and pain is also increasing because of that.

More and more today, we are losing touch in our virtual world with the real and personal needs of our body, mind and soul. We are simply swept away by the influence of main stream currents.

With selective personal training, using the classical Pilates Method, I will work on your personal needs and goals.

Are you aware of your own habits and patterns? Together we can find ways to improve and even change unhealthy patterns and bring about new habits that will not only benefit you but will also fit into your daily life and routine.

Go ahead, forget about your daily life with all its demands, even just for once, and let your body surprise you as you enjoy the feeling of inner calmness.

After a training session you will feel more energized, balanced, and self-confident, with a strong core and a refreshed mind. You will find yourself longing for more of this feeling of well being and positive energy.

Regular and targeted training is the key to success.

My Team and I would love to share my passion for movement and well being with you!



Pilates Retreat Mallorca - June 6 to 10, 2019 (Pentecost)

Breathe-Escape-Rejuvenate at 5-Star Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa

4 Nights in a deluxe room, halfboard, flight, transfer, 8-10 Pilates and Bodywork Sessions

Info and Registration to: